style. beach. love.

style. beach. love.

More than a love of fashion, it’s a drive to help women cultivate and embrace their own personal style that is at the root of Two Moons. 

The Two Moons woman is innovative but cool, confident in herself and comfortable in her own skin. She never wants to look like everyone else and she enjoys searching for original pieces that she can mix and match. Her clothes and accessories are very much a reflection of her personality and individual style. She isn’t a slave to every fashion trend, but she’s not afraid to try something new.


A power liken of oceans rain upon fields and forest.

A brilliance born of galactic origins.


Our collections are carefully selected to include quality pieces from local designers. Our passion for helping women feel great while looking effortlessly chic fuels our mission to not just chase the trend, but to create stylish, wearable looks and discover emerging designers and brands.